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  • The making of the HORS Group promo website

    Overview   Process  

    First we go to the technologist to find out how long the realization will take. We drop all time-consuming ideas and create a work plan.

    Showing and telling the story. The client makes minor corrections. Creating a rough draft of the style.

    Overall it looks all right. Developing the concept further.

    Booking a photo studio, taking coffee and making pictures:

    Polishing the ideas for transition animations.

    Giving the layouts to the technologist so he can start creating the magic.

    Playing more with typography and the layout grid.

    Considering the drop-out navigation menu.

    Coming to an abrupt stop at the brand selection slide.

    Turns out, Japan has exclusive rights for the red dot, meaning we can’t use it. Same goes for the silhouette of Mount Fuji.

    Getting back to the idea of bold typography.

    Headings partially covered by graphic elements cause many questions.

    While we are thinking about the style of the headings, we retouch pictures from the studio and draw gigantic coffee beans. The first version of the bean also gives ambiguous associations, so we decide that coffee must be rectangular.

    Arriving at the final style of headings and the final version of the grid.

    Polishing animations. Per the art director’s request we remove entrance effects and freeze the navigation menu into place.

    Inserting the corrected photos and finished pictures into a ready website.

    Done! :)

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