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Higher School of Economics printed materials design

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Task: to develop templates for university documents.

Higher School of Economics actively participates in Russian and international scientific conferences and education expos. To deliver effective presentations, the School needed new beautiful templates for its printed materials.

hse booklet 3 covers
Booklet covers

The templates are typeset using a flexible grid and include typographic features that create a recognizable style.

Release date: April 14 2015


art director
designer and typesetter
project managers
hse booklet grid
Variations of the modular grid

hse booklet 4 spreads
Recognizable details

Compact corporate elements fill the pages with pleasant features.

hse booklet acd
hse booklet details
Quotes and inserts

The templates were used to create a booklet for foreign students with information about the university.

hse booklet cover
Booklet cover
hse booklet info
Scale of development
hse booklet cup
hse booklet life
Student life
hse booklet key
Key to everything

hse booklet man

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