Hydroforce Group design strategy

Task: to develop a strategy for brand promotion.

Hydroforce Group supplies bathroom accessories to the Russian market. The company’s products are sold all over the country, from large chain supermarkets to DIY construction markets.

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The constantly expanding product range and tough competition dictated the need for the company to establish its own recognizable brands. To create and promote them, a design strategy was devised.

hydroforce strategy

The design strategy defines values of the company as a whole as well as unique roles of each brand.

It also introduces many useful rules. For example, the strategy determines how to select quality products for the brands by various parameters including design, materials and colors, how to create matching collections, how to make sure the number of collections is not confusing or how to present the product range in presentations to partners and on websites and in offline stores—to retail customers.

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The design strategy offers an effective solution for large supermarkets. Products there are usually mixed on the shelves, making it hard to understand which brands hundreds of soap dishes, toothbrush holders, shower curtains and bath mats belong to. Moreover, items from the same collection often end up on different shelves and sometimes even in different departments.

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To make Hydroforce Group products recognizable and to visually bring together each collection, beautiful and noticeable stickers were created.

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First, they are used to mark the primary product line of each collection. It is made up of all the accessories that are attached firmly and permanently: various hooks, holders, shelves. Other accessories are selected to match these items.

hydroforce stickers

Additional series comprise accessories that are replaced more frequently. Items in them are marked with stickers of the same color as the primary line, but each denoted by its own unique pattern.

hydroforce set types

The stickers are attached on top of packaging and if it’s absent, on the product itself—a convenient and cost-effective solution.

hydroforce set

Finding matching accessories is now easier than ever: just walk around the store, put all items from a collection in your cart and bring them home!

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