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    The making of the ice trays

    Overview   Packaging   Process   Hi Res  

    Warming up by collecting all kinds of ice tray-related concepts.

    The artistic director picks some ideas fed by the studio’s designers into our creative pool Mozg (the Brains).

    Preparing the blueprints and color charts.

    Milling some modeling styrofoam molds to cast silicone later.

    Applying silicone.

    Unmolding it in twenty four hours.

    Suggested colors.


    Thinking on the packaging. The first impulse is to write something as an airplane trail.

    The type designer calligraphs the mold’s title.

    Trying it on the packaging.

    Why don’t we use a custom type for each packaging?

    Artistic director: No. Only Artemius.

    Changing the face and laying out the back panel.

    Drawing a different glass with ice cubes for each packaging.

    Artistic director: The front panel is reserved for the studio’s name and logo only.

    Cleaning up the face. Adding some ice-making tips and pictograms showing the number of ice cubes per load on the back.

    Changing the QR codes, smoothing out minor details, and sending it off to production.

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