iMonitoring app for iPad

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Task: to design a financial analysis mobile application.

iMonitoring presents current information on the status of budgets of all subjects of Russia, derived from official sources. Officials, administrators, economists, financiers, journalists, students, professors and researchers can monitor the economic situation at any time using their iPads.

imonitoring main
The app allows to choose which data categories will be shown on the main screen using the menu on the right
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Release date: October 14 2014


artistic director
art director
interface designers
project managers
The studio wishes to thank Maria Barkova, Alexey Ananyin and Dina Ananyina for their help with the project
imonitoring dagestan
Statistics relating to one topic is arranged by the regions of the Russian Federation. A panel which collapses into a compact arrow allows to quickly switch between regions

imonitoring dagestan ingushetia
Users can select several items in the menu to compare financial data of different regions

imonitoring temperature
The data can also be displayed on one graph with lines of different colors

imonitoring budget
Large tables have alternating row shading to make reading easier

imonitoring icons
Each data category is represented by its own icon

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