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  • The making of the iMonitoring app for iPad

    Overview   Process  

    Studying the application and preparing the first design concept.

    imonitoring process 01

    The designer tries to start drawing right away, but it’s clear that it is premature: too much is still unclear.

    imonitoring process 02

    Thinking about another concept.

    imonitoring process 03

    The art director suggests to use bubbles.

    imonitoring process 04

    It’s visually interesting but difficult to use.

    imonitoring process 05

    Creating a layout with two planes. Images are placed horizontally while the information on the current topic is aligned vertically.

    imonitoring process 06

    Trying different visual solutions. It comes out too bright which is hardly suitable for a serious business app.

    imonitoring process 07

    Leaving the color only on the graphs, the rest will be calm and reserved.

    imonitoring process 08

    Drawing various controls.

    imonitoring process 09

    Working on icons, patterns and graph color schemes

    imonitoring process 10

    Assembling recommendations on the use of the application into a single PDF file.

    imonitoring process 11

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