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  • Web interface for Intertrust document management system

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    Task: to develop an easy-to-use interface for a document management system.

    The software package developed by Intertrust company is intended for large businesses and organizations—international companies, banks, government departments, city and regional administrations. It allows the company to switch to electronic document management, reduce paperwork and simplify business processes.

    intertrust inbox
    Notifications on important events and received tasks

    Users can customize the appearance and arrangement of panels according to their current tasks and preferences.

    intertrust docs ver
    intertrust docs hor
    The work area can be arranged vertically or horizontally

    Release date: January 30 2012


    art director
    interface developers
    technical director
    project managers
    intertrust tasks
    Recent notifications can be accessed from any page
    On just one page a user can read a task, get all the details and submit the finished assignment
    List of sections can be customized to the user’s requirements
    Documents that need to be at hand are placed on the separate panel

    Time management is also an important issue.

    intertrust calendar

    The document’s life cycle allows to monitor the stages and phases that a document or on order goes through. Document properties, connected files and available actions are also displayed here.

    intertrust docs life
    Document processing

    For team working on complex and long-term projects, the documents are joined together into cases.

    intertrust cases
    Business case

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