• Interfaces
  • The making of the web interface for Intertrust document management system

    Overview   Process   Prototype  

    Studying the current system, evaluating the scope of work required.

    intertrust process 00

    Conducting system analysis, designing the system architecture, determining user scenarios, preparing a technical design specification.

    intertrust process 01

    At the same time working on the design concept.

    intertrust process 02

    Trying to design a flexible interface that can adapt to the screen resolution. Getting an idea to assemble the interface from panels whose size and arrangement can be easily changed. They can also be hidden when not needed. Presenting the concept to the client. He approves.

    intertrust process 03

    Drawing and typesetting the documents section:

    intertrust process 04

    a form for creating a new task:

    intertrust process 05

    the calendar:

    intertrust process 06

    and all the other pages:

    intertrust process 07

    The client likes the system functionality but wants more colors, volume and shadows. Agreeing to redraw and retypeset all pages.

    Adding volume:

    intertrust process 08

    and colors:

    intertrust process 09

    Trying different variants.

    intertrust process 10

    Drawing icons, buttons and other elements.

    intertrust process 11

    Drawing and typesetting the rest of the pages and pop-up windows.

    intertrust process 12

    Order a design...