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to develop a logo for an investment company.

Investore offers its clients a chance to invest in attractive real estate by finding tenants for commercial properties. The owner keeps a share of these investments as cryptotokens, making a profit. As a result, assets turn into a cross between shares in mutual funds and bitcoins. A logo and accompanying corporate identity elements were created for the company at the studio.

investore logo
The logo

The symbol uses a well-known image of an antelope striking gold with its hoof that hints at the possibility of generating practically infinite profits without any additional actions. Multiple versions of the logo allow to use it in a variety of situations.

investore sign
Building sign

investore phone
Complex execution of the logo

investore watch
Souvenir watch

investore pattern
Pattern made from individual elements of the logo

investore docs
Business stationery set

The style guide provides rules for the use of the logo.

investore bb
Opening on corporate colors

investore coin
Cryptotoken symbol

artistic director

art director


type designer


technical designer


project manager

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