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Investsberbank logo

Investsberbank was registered on March 28, 1994. The bank’s operations are based on offering a broad range of banking services and products and attracting a large number of customers. The bank currently serves 58,000 clients.

Art. Lebedev Studio created the bank’s new logo and corporate typefaces.

Cyrillic and Latin typefaces with and without the sign

The corporate typeface is based on Helvetica that was redesigned and “humanized”.

The characters к and k are designed so as to allow the space between them and the sign to build the fourth lozenge

The new logo was constructed using recognizable elements of the former logo. The new logo is as broad as the old one, but more legible and more visually noticeable.

Old and new logos compared

The two-line variant was discarded. Upper case was replaced with lower case to make the logo lighter and easier to read. The bunch of lozenges was reduced to one arrow-like pattern. Aquamarine and blue colors were superseded by dark grey in light and bold faces.

Text format of the logo is predominantly used in the city, while the sign is used in formats which are too small for the bank’s name. The logo with the sign is used in business papers.

Release date: October 20 2004


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