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Investsberbank website

[The work is in the museum]

Investsberbank is a universal retail bank. The bank’s website features everything it’s supposed to: complete information on the bank’s operations and its branches, detailed description of services offered for private and corporate customers, calculators, an interactive map of branches and subsidiaries.

Main page

The website design hinges on the façade sign that customers can see above the entrance every time they visit Investsberbank branches (see also exteriors). The sun rises and sets at the main page. During the day, the shadow of the overhang shifts depending on the sun’s position above the horizon.

Neither does the image of the sky stay put on the main page: it’s delicate pink in the morning, blue in the evening and starry at night.

Website main page at nighttime

At the bank’s website the weather is at its best all year long.

Release date: June 13 2005


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technical director

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