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    The making of the ISR Trans corporate identity 2.0

    Overview• Process


    Based on the client’s wishes, trying to develop the idea with a bull.

    Doesn’t work.

    Working on the chosen designs and generating some more.

    Another designer joins in.

    Designer: The most interesting idea right now is this ambigram.

    Art director: Sure, there’s an ambigram here but it hinders readability. It has to be more legible and powerful.

    Designer: Made another attempt. Since the client wants an animal, how about a winged bull?

    Art director: Numbers three and five.

    Designer: And another attempt.

    Art director: Number six looks promising.


    The art director draws an idea of his own.

    Putting together everything approved by the art director and sending to the artistic director.

    Artistic director: Numbers 3 and 7 are OK.

    Preparing a presentation with the two designs. The client chooses the monogram. Starting to work on the final version.

    Searching for the dynamics, weight and rhythm.

    Preparing the logos for the art director.

    Creating a white on black design.

    Adding the company name.

    Testing the logo with some text.

    Equalizing density, working on side bearings and showing the new version to the art director.

    We get the idea to make serifs of the I in the logo symmetrical which would make the letter more recognizable.

    The art director approves and asks to take a closer look at the bottom edge of the oval of the Р.

    Looks like it’s more honest with a tummy, the letters don’t try to appear straight like those in the logo and are comfortable with their dissimilarity.

    Making some more adjustments to the abundance of strokes in the monogram and finalizing the letters.

    Preparing a version for dark backgrounds.

    Moving on to the guide.

    Choosing a typeface and deciding on the layout.

    Typesetting the guide.