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ISR Trans corporate identity 2.0

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to update a corporate identity in time for a company’s twentieth anniversary.

ISR Trans transports oil and petrochemical products, coal, gravel, wood and metal by rail and sea. To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the company decided to update its corporate identity.

and versions of the logo

The logo is made of a monogram symbol and a text portion. The monogram is made of three letters of the company’s name combined by the shape of the letter R.

isr identity2 pack

ISR Trans’s signature blue color remained, but became deeper and more saturated. The repeating symbol was used to create a new pattern. Rules for the use of different versions of the logo, the color and the typeface are assembled in a guide.

isr identity2 guide left
isr identity2 guide center
isr identity2 guide right
Opening of the guide on corporate colors

The new logo looks great on railway containers, uniforms and other media that can be seen in the daily life of ISR Trans.

isr identity2 footer

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art director


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