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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to publish the best comic strips by Yegor Zhgun and Alexander Shtefanets.

    Every day in 2012 new comic strips about the latest and current events were published on the studio’s website (www.artlebedev.ru/strip). One hundred best strips on politics, religion, public morals, double standards, unconventional sex, antisocial behavior and life in general were chosen to become a book where each page is a tear-out postcard.

    100 strips shtef cover
    Shtefanets’ cover

    The edition is divided into two parts: 50 strips by Alexander Shetfanets are published under the name “These comic strips we chose with the mother. Your mother” and the cover “Putin. Bomb. Explosion. Chechnya” conceals 50 strips by Yegor Zhgun.

    100 strips zhgun cover
    Zhgun’s cover
    I want to be yours

    100 Best Strips of Art. Lebedev Studio (In Russian)

    Online price:  6.78  $
      ≈ 6  €
      ≈ 499  руб.

    Release date: November 26 2013


    art director
    chief typesetter
    project manager
    production manager

    100 tear-out postcards
    Press run: 3000
    Dimensions: 21×11×2,6 cm (8,2″×4,3″×1″)

    100 strips shtef spread
    Strip on incest

    100 strips zhgun spread
    Strip on the Russian national symbol
    100 strips date

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