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  • The making of the 100 Best Strips of Art. Lebedev Studio

    Overview   Process  

    In 2012 the Strips column by Yegor Zhgun became one of the most popular sections of the studio’s website. In 2013 it was decided to close the column down. The authors offered to publish the best strips as a book. “Sure thing!” was the answer. So we started.

    The authors personally choose 50 of their favorite strips each. Meanwhile, we are busy thinking about the layout of the book. The artistic director offers to turn each strip into a postcard. We render the layout taking into account the punch holes.

    Shtefanets suggests to make the book double-sided with two different covers.

    Artistic director: OK.

    The authors draw the covers and come up with titles.

    Starting to work on the layout, which shouldn’t take long, but...

    What should we put on the back of the postcards?

    And where should the strip title go?

    Finalizing the cover while we’re at it.

    The spine looks empty. Shtef draws Zhgun and Zhgun draws Shtef.

    Sending to the editors for proof reading.

    Editor: Just a minor hick-up: Shtefanets writes блять (fuck) with a т, and Zhgun with a д. Shall we correct this?

    Leaving the authors’ spelling and sending to print.

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