A Designer’s Art by Paul Rand

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to translate and publish an important book on design.

This book is a collection of seminal texts by Paul Rand, one of the most influential graphic designers of the 20th century. The author has always maintained a critical view of design and the work of designers, not hesitating to express his opinions in eloquent, accurate and harsh essays.

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The edition includes over 200 graphic works and 27 articles on visual communication, corporate style, commercial art, the work of a designer and its cultural role, ideas, symbols and images in design, typography and many other topics.

As a rule, the experienced designer does not begin with some preconceived idea. Rather, the idea is (or should be) the result of careful observation, and the design a product of that idea. In order to solve his problem effectively, the designer must necessarily go through some sort of mental process. Consciously or not, he analyzes, interprets, formulates. He is aware of the technological developments in his own and kindred fields. He improvises or invents new techniques and combinations. He coordinates his material so that he may restate his problem in terms of ideas, symbols, pictures. He reinforces his symbols with appropriate accessories to achieve clarity and interest. He draws upon instinct and intuition. He considers the spectator’s feelings and predilections. Briefly, the designer experiences, perceives, analyzes, organizes, symbolizes, synthesizes.»

From the chapter The Designer’s Problem

The book is intended for anyone interested in design.

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  • The significance of Paul Rand’s (1914–1996) personality for modern graphic design is enormous. His work in advertising and typography had an impact on the entire industry of design: almost single-handedly he turned commercial graphics, once considered a mere craft, into a form of art. Rand’s professional experience is extensive and diverse and includes advertising, packaging design, book illustrations, typography, painting and teaching. Rand acted as a consultant and designer for projects at ABC, IBM and Westinghouse. He was given numerous awards and his works are displayed in collections of American, European and Japanese museums.

  • Translated from: Paul Rand A Designer’s Art © Princeton Architectural Press NewYork, 2016
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Dimensions: 220×290 mm (8,7″×11,4″)
  • Press run: 3000
  • ISBN 978-5-98062-103-2
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