The making of A Designer’s Art by Paul Rand

Overview• Process

Receiving the translated text from the editors. Deciding on the proportions of the book. The original has the ratio of 3:4, plus the book includes many examples of magazine advertising printed with bleed, so of all studio formats only 220×290 mm will work. Trying to add margins between paragraphs preserving the blanks.

iskusstvo dizaynera process 01
iskusstvo dizaynera process 02
iskusstvo dizaynera process 03

Keeping the breakdown into pages and openings to maintain the rhythm of the book. Changing the grid to make the column wider. Borrowing a third type of text from the designer of the English version by adding the “information about a picture” to main text and captions. Typesetting, sending to the proofreader and starting to think about the dust jacket.

iskusstvo dizaynera process 04

Receiving feedback: “The dick at the top is OK but the style is a step backwards.” Continuing to think.

iskusstvo dizaynera process 05

The art director asks to keep the IBM symbols together.

iskusstvo dizaynera process 06

Switching around a couple more images and assembling the mock-up.

iskusstvo dizaynera process 07

Preparing for printing and sending to the print shop.