Legal Design and Legal Efficiency by Anton Vashkevich and Simplawyer

This book is written for corporate lawyers who want to embrace change: use modern practices, become more professional and better understand the needs of business. Everything discussed in the book is the result of project experience of the company Simplaywer, which has been engaged in legal design and optimization of legal processes since 2014.

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The authors have gathered and systematized advice and ideas that help prepare documents of the new generation, correctly identify use cases for optimization and implementation of document management technologies and set clear tasks for the legal team. All of this makes the work of large legal departments faster, more precise, and more cost-effective.

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Lawyers used to believe that their only task was to answer legal questions. They didn’t think about whether it was comfortable for businesses to work with them or if their advice addressed business tasks.

In recent years, all processes have accelerated, businesses have digitized, and working with data has come to the forefront. The world has changed, but approaches to legal work and legal products have remained the same as they were twenty years ago. Legal processes are slow, documents are complex, unclear, and unsuitable for automation. Legal departments can’t keep up with the business.

But the profession is changing. Progressive legal teams have already begun this transformation: they adapt procedures to business tasks, improve documents, rethink processes within the legal department. Instead of relying on habit, they constantly ask themselves important questions: why do we do things this way, and is it effective?

This book is precisely about such legal transformation and its main drivers: legal design and process optimization. The goal of the book is to show lawyers that with the right approach to processes and documents, their daily work becomes more interesting and diverse, and the quality of services improves.


From the introduction

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Anton Vashkevich is an expert in legal design, legal technology and efficiency, currently serving as the managing partner of the company Simplawyer. In his previous roles, he worked as a lawyer specializing in mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring and held leadership positions in legal departments. He is the author of books on machine-readable law and articles on the efficiency of legal work and legal services. Vashkevich has designed document workflows for major companies and led market-leading projects in legal design. He has implemented a variety of approaches to the preparation of legal documents that are widely used in practice.

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  • Hardcover
  • 232 pages
  • Dimensions: 144×215 mm (5,6″×8,5″)