Cover design for the Twilight of Consciousness series of books by Alexander Slepakov

Alexander Slepakov is the winner of the Hour of the Bull award for the best work in the genre of social fiction, who, in his own words, writes “porn for the little ones.” In his books, vampires appear either in Soviet reality, or at the very end of the dashing Russian nineties. These days, the young son of a simple vampire Boris Gushchin tries to prevent strange creatures from ruining the country. The aliens do not yet understand why this young man is dangerous to them, but have a premonition that he must be killed.

On the cover of the first book, Conquistador, which looks like a cardboard folder for secret cases, everything is as expected: blood and vampires. Not too scary, but very interesting.


In the second book, Boris’ vampiric sister Yagna and Conquistador Valya find themselves at the center of an attempted coup in a city. A diamond mine near Rostov-on-Don becomes the object of the hunt for villains who dream of turning the quiet southern city into a second Antwerp, with its red-light district and other vicious entertainments.

The cover of the second “case” depicts a scene with precious stones falling into the wrong hands, which is the center of the frightening plot of the book.


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