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Grid Systems in Graphic Design: A Handbook for Graphic Artists, Typographers and Exhibition Designers by Josef Müller-Brockmann

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Task: to translate and republish a book on modular grids.

The edition is a detailed guide on using grid systems in graphic design and typography. The author uses examples to talk about the use of modular grids in the design of books, periodicals, corporate printwork, exhibition spaces, provides historic examples from architecture, typography and design—all to convincingly prove the universality and effectiveness of the modular method in design.

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The edition is intended for a wide range of designers and typographers.


The grid is used by the typographer, graphic designer, photographer and exhibition designer for solving visual problems in two and three dimensions. The graphic designer and typographer use it for designing press advertisements, brochures, catalogues, books, periodicals etc., and the exhibition designer for conceiving his plan for exhibitions and show-window displays.

By arranging the surfaces and spaces in the form of a grid the designer is favourably placed to dispose his texts, photographs and diagrams in conformity with objective and functional criteria. The pictorial elements are reduced to a few formats of the same size. The size of the pictures is determined according to their importance for the subject.

The reduction of the number of visual elements used and their incorporation in a grid system creates a sense of compact planning, intelligibility and clarity, and suggests orderliness of design. This orderliness lends added credibility to the information and induces confidence.

Information presented with clear and logically set out titles, subtitles, texts, illustrations and captions will not only be read more quickly and easily but the information will also be better understood and retained in the memory. This is a scientifically proved fact and the designer should bear it constantly in mind.»

From the chapter What is the Purpose of the Grid?

Release date: June 10 2014


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Josef Müller-Brockmann (1914–1996) was a graphic artist and teacher, one of the most famous and prominent members of the Swiss school of design. His artistic views were mostly influenced by such movements as Constructionism, De Stijl, Suprematism and Bauhaus.

Graphic works of Müller-Brockmann are examples of simplicity of design and subtle use of typography, form and color. Today, they continue to influence many modern designers.


184 pages
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ISBN 978-5-98062-081-3

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