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    The making of Grid Systems in Graphic Design: A Handbook for Graphic Artists, Typographers and Exhibition Designers by Josef Müller-Brockmann

    Overview   Process  

    Working on the grid. Following the original edition and trying to use four columns.

    Quickly coming to understand that the original edition used four columns due to the bilinguality of the text: the left two columns contained the text in English, while the right two were in German.

    We only have one language, so no need to use four columns. Trying the studio’s standard six-column layout with the main text arranged in two columns.

    Also looks bad as the margins remain empty.

    Part of the process is taking place at the mock-up table in the workshop.

    Noticing that the main action unfolds not in the main text but rather in captions. The captions are lengthy, have complex structure and even their own headings.

    Making the captions larger, and the main text larger still, placing it in a wider column.

    Choosing type parameters.

    Coming up with a cover.

    Selecting the materials for the cover.

    Preparing the files for printing.

    Uploading it all to the print shop server.

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