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The making of the second edition of On Children’s Drawings by Marina Ozerova

Overview   Process  

Ever since the first edition of the book was published, the author has accumulated lots of useful practical material as well as new ideas on how to teach children to draw. We decide to use it to update the second edition. The author sends us the new material and some children’s drawings for scanning.

ozerova 2013 process 1

Apart from the drawings, we also need photographs for the chapter How to Turn Everything Around us into a Lesson. Photographs submitted by the author do not suit, so we decide to hold a photo shoot—we invite the model with her parents to the studio, then draw, glue, play and make pictures together.

ozerova 2013 process 2

The books says that the best drawing material is paint, so we decide to remake the flyleaf preserving the old pattern. We draw the circles and turn them into a pattern.

ozerova 2013 process 3

Finding the best spot to put the second edition mark on the cover.

ozerova 2013 process 4

Preparing files for printing.

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