Editions:  First Second Third

The making of On Children’s Drawings by Marina Ozerova, third edition

Overview• Process

Updating the book information, changing the IBSN and edition number on the title page. Retypesetting the last page based on the new layout. Going over the text to fix some hanging prepositions and conjunctions, improving the spacing.

The cover

The third edition will come out without a dust jacket. Typesetting the cover based on the new template.

ozerova 2017 process 1

Chief typesetter: On the cover the evolution of children drawing is interrupted.

Trying to mix up the drawings. Simultaneously asking to write Third Edition in children’s handwriting.

ozerova 2017 process 2

Chief typesetter: I suggest to write it even worse. Right now it looks like handwriting of a schooled child.

ozerova 2017 process 3

Sketching a design with stains left by chlidren’s hands.

ozerova 2017 process 4

Chief typesetter: No, this theme is a no go. Let’s try to keep the evolution of children’s drawings but have them evolve horizontally.

ozerova 2017 process 5

Chief typesetter: Yes, but I don’t like the similar colors of the bottom two in the left column. Also, the text Third Edition is preventing us from placing the pictures better.

Replacing the headleg thing and searching for a better place for the edition number.

ozerova 2017 process 6