From Trenchcoat to Sweatshirt: Atlas of Modern Clothing by Marina Madzhugina

Task: to publish a handbook for clothing designers, stylists and fashionistas.

This large, beautiful and captivating atlas reveals the structure and characteristics of modern outer, shoulder and waistwear.

Styled as technical drawings, sketches clearly demonstrate the design and key details of various types of coats, dresses, skirts and trousers. Materials, colors and textures traditional for different styles are also listed. Bright illustrations show models wearing the clothes.

Among other things, the atlas performs an important vocabulary function: for each wardrobe item, both an international name and the one established in the Russian language are given. To ensure that neither the British redingot nor the Scottish balmacaan present difficulties to the readers, the Russian words have stress marks.


Readers can work with the atlas in many different ways that depend on personal preferences and particular needs of each designer. Any author, depending on the project situation and their professional demands, can find a way to use the book to solve their problems.

I hope the atlas will help designers in their work, no matter which creative method of costume design they choose to use: inversion, analogy, empathy, fantasy, creating new combinations, morphological analysis or something else.


From the introduction by the author

Maria Madzhuginab> graduated from the Omsk State Service Institute with a degree in costume design. Since 2013 she has been teaching at the same institute, working with students studying to become stylists and image makers. She is the winner of Fashion Formula (Omsk), Governorate Style (Voronezh) and Russian Silhouette (Sochi, Moscow) contests. She has developed a unique method of compiling a basic assortment of clothing which became the foundation of this atlas.

The edition can serve as a source of inspiration and a useful tool for artists and designers working with clothing, will be of interest to anyone who is impartial to fashion and style and become a decoration of coffee tables in studios, boutiques and salons.

ot trenchkota do svitshota

art director


cover designer


assistant illustrator

  • Aleksandra Baranovskaya

technical designer



project manager

  • Hardcover
  • 276 pages
  • Dimensions: 144×216 mm (5,7″×8,5″)
  • Press run: 3000
  • ISBN 978-5-98062-116-2
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