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    The making of the The Professional Barista’s Handbook. An Expert’s Guide to Preparing Espresso and Coffee by Scott Rao, second edition

    Overview• Process

    We need to prepare the book for republishing.

    The cover

    The book should come out as a Caféterius edition, not part of the IZDAL range. Or maybe as a collaboration between the two. The cover should feature the Caféterius logo or elements of its corporate identity.

    Ideas: write the book’s title in chalk similar to its half-titles or add signature pictures to the cover and type the title coupled with the café’s typeface. Developing both ideas into several designs.

    The art director chooses to go with the second one. Asking the calligrapher to finalize the text and assembling the entire cover.

    The art director asks to remove the name of the studio’s publishing house from the cover which results in an empty space on the spine. Filling it with a small Caféterius logo.

    The matter

    The second edition is produced with simple binding and no dust jacket. The dust jacket used to contain reviews, moving them onto the penultimate page of the book.

    Making corrections.

    Updating the title opening by increasing the face size and adding the Second Edition caption.

    Checking everything once over and preparing files for printing.

    Deciding to render the endpaper pattern in two colors instead of CMYK. Manipulating the image by splitting it into two layers and toning them with two colors to achieve the required result.