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The making of Russian Management Model by Aleksandr Prokhorov

Overview   Process  

Manuscript discs arrived.

russkaya model upravlenia process disk

After choosing the general layout we are figuring out how to set numerous quotes.

russkaya model upravlenia process snoski

Designing the cover.

Designer: place a school ruler or a whip to the bottom right corner?

russkaya model upravlenia process 2

Art director: what about sceptre?

Designer: middle right. Get a more classic shape?

Art director: yes, a more recognizable one.

Designer: we are also considering a birch rod for the bottom right corner. Should we build one ourselves and take a picture of it?

Art director: birch rod is ok.

Designer: this version has both: a sceptre and a birch rod. It’s nearly impossible to find good pictures of them in internet. Take the birch rod, does it look too much like a besom? Should I make it bushier? If the sceptre does not work, should I go to the Armory to take a photo there or ask our guys to make a 3-D rendering?

russkaya model upravlenia process 3

Art director: the birch rod is pretty poor. Get the sceptre wherever. The magic wand should sit in the center.

Designer: here is a sceptre from the Armory (middle right), will it do?

russkaya model upravlenia process 4

Art director: it’ll do.

Designer: all objects got shadows. Please let me know what to move or delete.

russkaya model upravlenia process 5

Art director: remote control does not fit. Replace it with a police stick.

Designer: which one?

russkaya model upravlenia process 6

Art director: the one on the middle.

Order a design...