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[The work is in the museum]

Many would agree that this one ranks among the very best. To create this both magnificent and fun website, our designers, editors, programmers and technologists worked for two months.

Izh for farmers

The site is a great example of simple and effective navigation, splendid graphics, brilliant texts and unbelievable technical backup. It contains loads of useful materials and is not in the least boring.

Visitors shall be driven crazy wanting to see every single page

Here you can find out how to equip your Izh to turn it into a riding tub, or a flower bad, or a fish tank, or a powersaw bench, or a firewood stack.

Select any currency and discover how much money would fit into your Izh-2717.

Comparison fun: Put your Izh up against a railcar, or a lift-truck, or an airplane

There is a section called Interactive Tuning where you can specify your local conditions and see Izh adapt to whatever the surroundings. Visit Spectacular Games to watch Izh vehicles play football and other sports.

The site has a female category too, featuring a magazine, a horoscope and a car gender detecting tool.

All-color all-angle 3D models for all-model range

Not to mention, company history, technical characteristics, service center addresses, etc.

Release date: August 25 2001


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technologists & coders
Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary techonology

Typeface: Gill

Only legal software was used in this project

Website operated under Linux using Apache

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