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    Second version of Izhmash-Auto website

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    [The work is in the museum]

    Compared to the previous version, the design of the Izhevsk-based automaker’s new website is more austere and continent. The originally easy-to-use navigation system has been improved. New sections were added. The website now features more information relating to the company’s products, the technological features of production and so on.


    The entire model range of Izhmash-Auto is represented at the new website, from Moskvich-408, the first stone laid in the foundation of the factory in 1965, to new prototypes in the pipeline.

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    Website visitors can easily find accurate and detailed information on the cars the company produces nowadays: technical specs, configuration options, available colors. The photos allow the user to view a car from all sides. If you like some car, you can order it at the website: using the information system, find out where the nearest dealer is located, from which is it best to purchase the car you have chosen.

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    The website has grown in size, becoming more informative and at the same time more user-friendly. New sections containing information about the ways Izhmash-Auto cars are used by fire fighters, the police, medical and gas network services were added.

    Website building engineers will appreciate the new technologies allowing for stretching the website to 100% of the screen width.

    The first version of Izhmash-Auto website was created by Art. Lebedev Studio in August 2001.

    Release date: December 20 2002


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    Viktor Lander
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