JohnFedor burger shop logo

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to create a logo “at the junction of American culture and Slavic soul.”

JohnFedor burger shop operates in Gomel, Belarus. The owners promise their customers marble beef hamburgers, store-baked buns and secret recipe sauces.

The shop is located in a trendy loft where walls are decorated with photos of bearded men and visitors are dressed as if they are on their way from a coworking space to a biennale. Overall, a perfect hipster joint.

jf logo

Getting inspired by the unusual contrast: John and Fedor, American burgers and Belarus. Colliding the two names head-on, making an emphasis on the toppings (the guys are proud of them), adding some dynamics and a splash of bright colors.

The layer-lines of the burger remind of both American and Belarus national flags.

jf food

The dynamic and bright logo is memorable and evokes an urgent desire to buy a burger.

The bright stripes of juicy colors are used as a corporate identity.

jf girl

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