• The making of the Winston retail outlet interior concept

    Overview   Process  

    First round. The monoblock concept. A minimalistic stand with minimum details.

    The floor is covered with parquet imitating a ship’s deck and reminding customers of yacht cruises sponsored by Winston.

    Looks good, but there’s too little Winston in it. Trying to add more recognizable elements.

    It’s too hard to produce. Simplifying the design.

    No, we’ve drifted away. We need another approach. Deciding to keep the materials, white background, deck and rounded angles. Coming up with the idea of surfaces smoothly flowing one into another—the floor into the walls, the ceiling into the stands.

    The premises layout.

    Side view.

    What we get in the end:
    — central “island” with stands and a hidden back room;
    — glass smoking-room and humidor;
    — open interior;
    — two entrances;
    — special stands for promotional materials.

    All surfaces are curved in one dimension only, which makes the production cheaper. The floor is covered with veneer plywood.

    Working on details.

    Building a model.


    The client makes his adjustments:

    1. We need to come up with a unique way to present the brand. The idea with inclined stand walls is ok, but it’s better not to break the stands into small pieces.
    2. We need to simplify the design a little. Maybe just clear the space for a projector.
    3. We need to add more space for accompanying goods.

    Making corrections. Starting to prepare the documentation.

    At the same time designing the promo section.

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