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Kadastr City conducts cadastral and geodetic work. Or, in human language, it’s a company that measures land and real estate objects, helps finalize a purchase of a home and get a building permit.

The expressive logo developed at the studio features the name of the company and the main aspects of its work.

kadastr city

The cubes that make up the logo symbolize square meters of land in perspective.

The corporate colors hint at land and construction: gray is the color of concrete used in foundation of new houses, while the sand and orange shades can be found in different layers of soil.

The main letters of the company’s name, К and С are skillfully inscribed into the logo.

kadastr city cards

The expressive pattern can be supplemented, expanded and used differently every time on virtually any media.

kadastr city cup
kadastr city bag
kadastr city 04

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