• Graphic design
  • The making of the Kadastr City logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: Hello! Our company conducts cadastral and geodetic work. Which is to say, we measure land and real estate objects. We help people finalize a purchase for a home, get a cadastral survey for a land lot and the coveted building permit. It so happens that we already have (that is, had) a logo for kadastr-city.ru. Its colors are orange, blue and white. If possible, please use at least one of these colors in your design. We definitely prefer not to see yellow in the logo.

    First designer: A very quick overnight design :-) Topographic maps and all that. The corporate identity can be made using the maps.

    kadastr city process 01

    Art director: Well, it doesn’t look much like a logo.

    First designer: I meant something like this :-) With different levels of detail for different sizes and variations of the map.

    kadastr city process 02

    Art director: It’s not a logo.

    kadastr city process 03

    First designer: Another direction.

    kadastr city process 04

    First designer: And a survey/tetris.

    kadastr city process 05

    Second designer:

    kadastr city process 06
    kadastr city process 07

    Art director: Can you combine number 23 as a base and number 27 as a graphic feature of its surface?

    kadastr city process 08

    Art director: No, show the К in the left half and С in the right, on the top lid.

    kadastr city process 09

    Second designer: OK! Here’s the result. I also tried to make the letter К straight.

    kadastr city process 10

    Art director: 2.

    Second designer: Should I start thinking about the identity now?

    Art director: Yes.

    Second designer: Here’s an option.

    kadastr city process 11
    kadastr city process 12
    kadastr city process 13

    Art director: It’s not an option, its the same logo that you put on different things.

    Second designer: What about this? (I’m also making media with text, right now I’m just showing how patterns work on objects.)

    kadastr city process 14

    Art director: OK.