Kaleidoscope Business Center lobby interior design

Overview   Process  

Problem: Turn a loading dock into a business lobby.

Kaleidoscope is a B-class business center to occupy former bakery plant property. In the lobby area, which has several levels and used to be a loading dock, there is a reception desk, a cafe, waiting chairs, and entrance control.

Reception desk and cafe

Lobby plan

Tinted glass is used to decorate the lobby. In the morning refracted sunlight fills the place with vivid colors cheering arriving workers.

Cafe serves hot pastries and coffee

Visitors can make themselves comfortable in the spacious waiting area.

Waiting won’t be tiring with a choice of books and magazines on the shelf for visitors

People working in the business center have to pass through the turnstile lane.

Glowing red line separates the lobby from the cozier office hall

Mirror wall makes the lobby look larger and allows to check one’s appearance before entering the office

Elevator lobby features a colorful glass panel

Release date: December 28 2009


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