Making of the Kaleidoscope lobby interior design

Overview   Process  

Arriving to the site. The building is an example of the ordinary panel construction of the early 1970s.

What’s to become an entrance lobby used to be a loading depot, which is why it sits more than a meter below the rest of the building floor level. We decide there should be two zones: reception facilities down below, and a cafe and a hall above that. This place has to turn into a lobby.

Early drafts.

Concept in more detail, the reception desk view.

Sliding glass dividers in the cafe.

Waiting area is going to look something like this.

Starting test visualization.

Interior in more detail, one of the versions of the restaurant entrance design.

Drafts for the entrance control area.

Stairways are decorated with images of a growing flower (a young shoot on the ground floor and a flower in full blossom at the top floor). And along the steps workers can find easy physical exercise instructions they might use, for instance, during a smoke break.

Four months later.

Order a design...