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Task: to develop a logo for tourist projects of the Kaliningrad Oblast.

The Kaliningrad Oblast is the westernmost territory of Russia, world famous for its amber production, long sand spits and old German buildings. Until 1945 the region was part of East Prussia and Kaliningrad was known as Königsberg, German for “Royal Mountain,” the name it took after the Royal Castle located in the heart of the city. A tourist logo for the Kaliningrad Oblast was created at the studio.

kaliningrad logo ru
kaliningrad logo en
Russian and English versions of the logo

At the heart of the logo is a crown which for centuries had been featured on all emblems and signs of Königsberg. The red and white color scheme connects the logo with the coat of arms of Altstadt, one of the first urban settlements by the walls of the Royal Castle.

Release date: December 15 2014


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type designer
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kaliningrad logo mono
Two-color version of the logo
kaliningrad altstadt
Altstadt coat of arms

The crown combines several expressive symbols: there are two anchors in the counterform, a tree can be seen in the center, while the side elements resemble sturgeon tails. The images underline the close ties with the sea and the natural wealth of the region.

kaliningrad logo elements anchor
kaliningrad logo elements tree
kaliningrad logo elements sturgeon
kaliningrad logo elements anchor img
kaliningrad logo elements tree img
kaliningrad logo elements sturgeon img

The contrast of thick and thin strokes in the crown and letters reflects the characteristic local geography: there are two long sand spits in the region separating bays from the Baltic Sea. The logo includes hidden allusions to the most famous sights of the Curonian Spit: loops of calligraphic elements resemble curved pines of the Dancing Forest and the arched strokes in the letter O remind of sand dunes.

kaliningrad logo elements lines
kaliningrad logo elements archs
kaliningrad logo elements lines img
kaliningrad logo elements archs img 1

The Kaliningrad Oblast acronym (KÖ) supplemented in the logo by the umlaut, refers to the Prussian name of the city, Königsberg. The letters are designed in the Gothic style and feature calligraphic elements. Amber appears in the logo in the form of rhombus-shaped dots.

kaliningrad logo elements ko new
kaliningrad logo elements umlaut

The chosen texture underlines the inseparable link of the region to amber extraction.

kaliningrad logo parallax2
Amber-colored illustration can fill the logo or serve as a background

If necessary, the logo can be painted in any color or filled with a variety of textures.

kaliningrad logo types
All spheres of life

The attractiveness of the Kaliningrad Oblast for tourists is reflected in the slogan “Better many times to see” created in the studio.

kaliningrad logo ad
Unforgettable sights

The logo looks great on any media, from business documents to public transport.

kaliningrad logo postcards
Rich history

kaliningrad logo passport
Traveler’s document

Modern city
kaliningrad logo badges
The insignia

kaliningrad logo mug
The most important things

kaliningrad table1
Architectural monuments

kaliningrad trash
City services

kaliningrad magazine
Holiday events

kaliningrad logo rail

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