• Graphic design
  • Kaluga
  • The making of the Kaluga region visual identity

    Overview   Process  

    Opening the project. Drafting some sketches based on key words.

    More sketches with the region’s initials as the backbone.

    Working further on the most promising concept of a comet-keychain made of the letters K and O.

    Meanwhile, incorporating traditional Kaluga ornaments.

    During the process some symbols came to surface: a rocket, a star, an Olympic torch, a flower, and a man.

    Picking colors for region’s missions.

    Developing comet-keychain.

    Traveling to Kaluga to present our ideas to the customer. Lebedev believes it was the most productive conversation with the client for the whole project. The meeting lasted three hours.

    The keychain got approved. Working on shape, proportions, type.

    Designing business stationery.

    After a month’s worth of work the customer decided to ditch the chosen design as unfitting. Starting from scratch. Looking for a new solution, re-evaluating the old ones again.

    Designer comes up with a new offer: OK?

    Art director: OK.

    The customer: OK.

    The final version gets polished, presented, and approved.

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