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Task: to design a website about food.

KFC needs no introduction. Their legendary fried chicken is loved by people of all ages around the world. Countless awkward dates have been brought back to life with the words “want some wings?” Armies of vegans have abandoned their principles after catching a waft of the spicy strips. Art. Lebedev Studio came up with a new website for KFC Russia which is better structured and easier to navigate.

The main page shows the menu in full, from beginning to end,

with a grid which decreases in size as you scroll down. This shows the wide range of food and drinks available. It also creates a logical order, with the most popular or seasonal food at the very top.

You can order food for delivery with just a couple of clicks! Items can be added to the cart from either the main page or the menu.

There are no nested levels in the menu itself,

which means no navigating endless sections if you want to find a dessert, a drink, or some fries.

Keeping the design in line with KFC’s brand book and packaging guidelines was of the utmost importance to the client — and we delivered on that. The entire website screams KFC.

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The search bar helps you find the nearest KFC restaurant, whether you’re looking for a drive-through or somewhere that’s open in the middle of the night

Placing an order is simple. Smaller pictures help you keep track of what you’ve chosen. The total for the order is shown on a large red button.

The product cards on the sidebar give information on weight, ingredients, and nutrition.

Aside from the menu and promotions, the website also has dedicated pages for the company and careers. The history section is packed with fascinating facts about KFC. In the Kitchen Tour section, you can even sign up for a tour of a restaurant!

Food. Glorious food.

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Made in 339 days
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