Kortros video ad

Kortros Group develops new urban areas and builds comfortable housing. The developer has a special online service which allows clients to plan the layout of their future apartment while the house is still being built.

A video ad about the website was made in the studio: we wrote a script, filmed the video, edited it and completed it with 3D animation.

Professionals explain how everything works

art director

director and editor

  • Viktor Derr


  • Evgenia Stvora

assistant director

  • Sergei Tomilka

executive producer

  • Alina Brazhnik


  • Adil Khalilov


  • Pavel Mukhin

camera operator

  • Alexander Kurginyants

sound engineer

  • Evgeny Terenov


  • Alina Volkova

makeup artist

  • Zifa Fartovaya

sound producer and composer

  • Ivan Durnov

computer graphics director

  • Yegor Zhuk


secret advisor

project manager

Made in 51 days
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