Kostroma logo vector files in EPS format

kostroma sign and text
1,1 МБ
kostroma sign and text dark
1,1 МБ
kostroma sign
1,1 МБ
kostroma sign and text mono
1,1 МБ
kostroma sign dark
1,1 МБ
kostroma sign mono
1,1 МБ

The Kostroma logo is a work of design that is protected by Russian and international laws. Art. Lebedev Studio which has exclusive rights to the Kostroma logo, grants any person who downloads the logo from this page the right to use the logo for any purpose under an open license as interpreted by Article 1286.1 of the Civil Code of the Russia Federation.

From the moment of acquiring access to the files of the logo, the user (hereinafter referred to as the Licensee) fully accepts the terms of this non-exclusive license in the form of a public offer, namely:

— The Licensee shall have the right to use the logo free of charge to promote Kostroma by reproducing the logo on any material media, including those intended for sale, public display, broadcast, transmission via cable, inclusion in other works.

— The Licensee has the right to use the logo for the entire duration of the exclusive rights protection (at least, over the next 70 years).

— When using the logo, modification of the logo, including changing its proportions or color schemes, is not allowed.

— Partial use of the logo as well as use of individual elements of the logo with the exception of the letters of the font is allowed.

— Inclusion of the logo and its parts and elements in the means of individualization (trademarks, geographical indications, etc.) or industrial designs (objects of patent law as set forth in international legislation and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) is allowed only with the written consent of the right holder. You may request the letter of consent by writing to info@tinka.su.

— When using the logo the, Licensee has the right not to specify the name of its authors.

— The Licensee may use the logo throughout the world.

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