Kostroma logo

Task: to create a logo for a town with many landmarks.

Kostroma is a city of Russia’s Golden Ring located 344 km north east of Moscow. Kostroma is diverse: it has carved huts, noblemen’s mansions and bourgeois architecture that has sunk into the ground. In some places it seems the time has stopped still.

Tourist life revolves around popular attractions: Kostroma is the cradle of the Romanov house, Ivan Susanin’s birthplace is not far from here and many other fascinating things happened in these parts.

However, other features of Kostroma remain unnoticed.

And Kostroma has white-stone trade rows, a brig in an architectural ensemble with a fire tower, a tower house in Astashovo. They also make famous cheese and produce black caviar here. Kostroma is just too cool.

The new logo of Kostroma is truly a dance of landmarks.

kostroma places

kostroma pins

Every element of the logo can be easily recognized. If you take one of them separately and place it on any media, you are guaranteed to get a beautiful result.

The new logo will help the city attract investments, entrepreneurs and tourists that it really deserves.

To use the logo, simply download it from the Art. Lebedev Studio website.

kostroma bag

As many people as possible should see and fall in love with Kostroma.

kostroma car

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  • The studio wishes to thank Vladimir and Marina Stepiny for their help with the project
Made in 13 days
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