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The making of the Kovrikus doormats

Overview   Process   Hi Res  

Deciding to produce some doormats. Starting with an idea submitted to our creative pool Mozg (The Brains).

Home by Nikita Kuznetsov:

kovrikus process 01

Adding An Apartment Plan by Anton Schnaider:

kovrikus process 02

The house icon route is very straightforward, requiring just some usual testing of different styles.

kovrikus process 03

Now, moving on to the floor plan.

kovrikus process 04
kovrikus process 05
kovrikus process 06

It just doesn’t hit home. Ditching this concept and thinking up other designs instead.

kovrikus process 07

Selecting the short list and preparing visualizations:

kovrikus process 08

All of a sudden, the art director comes up with the Moon idea.

kovrikus process 09

Designer: Which one?

Art director: The realistic one.

Trying different colors.

kovrikus process 10

Order a design...