Krono is a tool that simplifies working with 3D on the web. It can be used to create entire living worlds on website pages where everything is constantly changing, moving and responding to the behavior of the visitor who becomes a real co-author of the script. The universal tool was created in the studio specifically for the development of spectacular websites capable of surprising visitors.

Krono changes the usual approach to website design

What the engine can do

Krono can be used to build beautiful and complex websites that will be discussed, praised and criticized. And it doesn’t take a huge developer team and months of work to create a powerful impression.

Most of the parameters are set by the engine automatically, guessing the intent of the designer and the technologist. This greatly accelerates the development of 3D projects and makes it much more profitable.

Products you want to touch

Krono can show any item in an online store in the smallest detail. Customers can explore products from all sides, almost like in the real world, but more engaging. They also don’t need to leave their home.

Virtual exhibitions

The engine can be used to set up virtual exhibitions on websites that users will want to visit, coming back to their favorite paintings and exhibits.

Visit any location at any time

Krono can recreate real interiors and workspaces. This can be very convenient, for example, if the client cannot visit the office in person.

Control what’s happening

Krono is ideal when you need to interact with audiences in real time such as when hosting a virtual festival, conference or a game.

The engine makes pages endless and interactive: the events of the virtual world depend on the actions of the visitor.

the button

Krono works well with sensors of mobile devices: to interact with the website, users can simply tilt, rotate or shake their phone, as well as scroll and tap the screen.

Beautiful online and offline

Krono generates and transforms universal patterns that work great in graphic and industrial design, on textiles and in packaging, in website and app design.

Spectacular architecture

Krono helps visualize architectural plans quickly and easily, demonstrating the potential of a renovation. Viewers can see buildings from above, examine them from different angles and travel through floors to explore future interiors.

To be continued

We are happy to accept requests for projects using Krono.

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