Logo and visual identity for Lale kids’ TV channel

Overview   Process  

Task: to develop a logo and visual identity for a children’s TV channel.

Lale is the first Crimean Tatar TV channel for children open in Ukraine on June 1, 2013. The shows created by children themselves are broadcasted in Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian, and Russian. A bright logo and playful visual identity were developed in the studio for the project.

lale channel logo
The channel’s signature element

The channel’s name translates from Krimean Tatar as tulip. The logo demonstrates a straightforward take on the name while also leaving room for imagination.

lale logo
The main logo

Flexible and expressive, the logo sets playful mood for the rest of the visual identity: it can morph, transform, and break down to separate building blocks, but always remains recognizable, whether on screen, products, ads, navigation, or documents.

Release date: June 14 2013


art director
technical designer
project manager
lale on air
Get ready, we are going on the air
lale flags
Advertising posters inform the public the new channel has sprouted
lale girl
Any media naturally and seamlessly transforms into a branded piece
TV logo screens

Despite its fun, carefree mood, Lale visual identity works well with corporate stationery and other office items.

lale documents
Non-tedious letterheads and such

lale poster
Advertising posters inform the public the new channel has sprouted

lale kids

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