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Leibstandarte visual identity

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Task: to make a visual identity out of a logo.

The bold avant-garde Leibstandarte logo craved for further development and visual support. The studio designed a visual identity, a full set of documentation and sample ad layouts for various advertising media, and put together a brandbook.

leibshtandart brandbook logos
The simplified version of the logo—without the mark

Release date: January 26 2011


art director
project managers

For decorating the print collateral and various surfaces, we created patterns based on military shoulder boards design and the company’s logo.

leibshtandart brandbook pattern
Distinctive patterns

Corporate colors are also derived from the logo.

leibshtandart brandbook colors
Rich corporate palette

Apart from a full set of business documents and stationary, we designed the specific antique dealer attributes: covers for valuable items, folders and evaluation forms.

leibshtandart documents
Documentation and stationary

leibshtandart case
Antique protecting cover

leibshtandart picture
A stylish masterpiece

Leibstandarte advertising materials are addressed to true collectors.

leibshtandart advertising
The link of times

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