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First version of Lenta.Ru

[This work is in the museum]

Lenta.Ru is a news agency founded by a team of Internet professionals, who created Gazeta.Ru in December 1998, in cooperation with Effective Policy Fund.

Lenta.Ru uses “ushki”, a kind of graphic announcements designed by the Studio for online newspapers. They give readers a quick idea of the content of an issue.

The site is designed as a newline with constantly updated information and instantly published fresh articles. It is most convenient to use—your screen is divided into three apparent-purpose sections.

Lenta.Ru is an example of the site that is universally bookmarked by Russian Internet users. Should any significant event occur, they read Lenta.Ru before anything else.

Release date: September 07 1999


art director & designer
icon designer

Typeface: Letter Gothic

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