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Second version of Lenta.Ru website

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[This work is in the museum]

Lenta.Ru is one of the oldest and most respected online news sources.

The design of the first version of Lenta was created by Art. Lebedev Studio in September 1999. Five years later, when browsers 4.0 and 14″ monitors became as rare as hen’s teeth, the Internet newsline took on a modern look.

More information
Now the reader sees on the main page of the new Lenta three times as many news items, which triples the intensity of his or her information exposure and allows for spending only one third of the time to capture the essence.

More space
The columns of Lenta are proportional to the width of the browser window, while the font size is calculated as a percent of the size preset by the user. Therefore the newsline takes up as much space as the reader decides it should.

Release date: September 13 2004


art director

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank the editorial office of Lenta.Ru for audacity, and especially Chief Editor Anton Nosik for the remark “Well, I guess I like it.”

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