Lider FM radio station logo and visual identity

Overview   Process  

Task: to develop a logo and visual identity for a radio station.

Leader FM is a music and news radio station which broadcasts in the Crimea region. The studio developed the star logo, visual identity, and the slogan.

lider logo 01
lider logo 02
There are two versions of the logo: basic and “radiant

Release date: June 17 2013


art director
type designer
project manager
lider logos
Additional logo flavors for every occasion

Bright and colorful patterns add variety to the corporate style.

lider documents
Stationery in all its glory

The manual provides full instructions on how to use radio station’s visual identity, stationery, and to properly present corporate gifts.

lider guidelines logos
lider guidelines logo colors
Brand book pages dedicated to the logo
lider guidelines secret
The hidden section talks about the secret element of the visual identity
lider guidelines disk and microphone
Pages about the disc and the microphone

lider souvernirs
Stellar souvenirs
lider star
Star of the show

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