The making of the logo and visual identity for Lider FM radio station

Overview   Process  

First drafts.

lider process 01

The art director immediately picks two ideas. We put together a presentation and show it to the client.

The first concept:

lider process 02

And the “Star”:

lider process 03

After giving it some thought, the client initially chooses the first direction, but asks us to liven up the logo. Getting rid of the angles, adding pizzazz.

lider process 04


lider process 05

After all, the client switches back to the “Star” concept, maintaining the same comments about the logo. We end up with the new lively shape.

lider process 06
lider process 07

Adding another designer to work on the stationery. After receiving the final logo and graphic elements, the designer begins to search for solutions.

lider process 08

Developing some patterns for folders, envelopes, disc covers, and anything that your heart desires.

lider process 09
lider process 10

Under lead designer’s supervision, we finish the favorite options and show them to the art director.

lider process 11
lider process 12

Continuing to develop the style in the presentation.

lider process 13

Meanwhile the type designer finalizes the letters.

lider process 14

Finishing up the gifts; making the pop-up card with a star, preparing the layouts for print, finalizing the brand book.

lider process 15
lider process 16
lider process 17
lider process 18

Order a design...