Lighthouse app logo

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to create a logo and an icon for a mobile app.

Lighthouse is an application for finding like-minded people through geolocation. Some sociable people create events (“A Harry Potter themed party, come!”), while others happily join them.

Location is indicated next to each event helping to make sure the party is nearby, not somewhere in a different country.

We came up with a logo for the application that symbolizes happiness, joy and an active social life.

lh logo

The app’s name is Lighthouse, it’s about communication and geolocation. Finding suitable visual metaphors: colorful balloons, ice cream, a geo tag and festive lights.

Combining all these images into a single symbol, coloring the logo in gentle colors and adding the name on top.

lighthouse balloons

Drawing a mobile app icon, admiring the result and sending it to the client.

lighthouse icon

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