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    Lookvip.com visual identity

    Overview   Process   Real Life  

    Task: to fashion a fashionable visual identity.

    Lookvip.com is a Russian company specializing in fashionable apparel and accessories. The oh-so-proper logo and formal visual identity were custom-tailored in our studio.

    look vip identity logo
    The full logo version reflects it all

    Release date: September 27 2012


    art director
    type designer
    project managers

    The visual identity is built around multiple mirror reflections as a symbol of one exercising love and care to one’s self.

    look vip identity logo 01 look vip identity logo 02 look vip identity logo 03
    The logo dresses for the occasion

    look vip identity documents
    Stylish corporate stationery

    look vip identity package
    Wrap it up in style


    look vip identity girl
    Increasing the joy of shopping by times

    The cars delivering your trendy purchases are elegantly dressed in the signature mirror pattern and sport the signature colors.

    lookvip identity cars
    The very important cars

    Formerly dressed, courteous couriers travel by the corporate automobiles in style.

    lookvip identity courier
    Your order is delivered

    Order a design...